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Deep water Inspections

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Our ROV-iT inspection tools can be deployed up to 2000 m subsea and has, to date, been deployed successfully down 1435 m.

The tools are of a rigid framed design housing all the inspection components within this frame for protection. It offers a 1m inspection location (360˚) at one time without the need for ROV intervention to re-locate the tool to the next location.

The ROV-iT is capable of inspecting for a range of degradation mechanisms including corrosion, erosion and cracking by use of inspection techniques such as Corrosion Mapping, TOFD Weld Inspection, Automated Pulse Echo inspections, Ovality and Dent Mapping.

The scanner has hot stab connections to supply comms and hydraulics to the tool via the ROV, and the tool is compatible with most modern work class ROV’s. Use of the hotstab facilitate the option of deploying two different size tools subsea in a basket at once, and minimises vessel time for the ROV returning to the surface to change configuration.

Press Release

Sonomatic reaches new depths in automated ultrasonic subsea inspections

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