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There are many situations in which accurate knowledge of material wall thicknesses is essential to making decisions on equipment integrity. Examples include the following.

  • Determination of degradation characteristics and dimensions for fitness for service assessment. Accuracy of wall thickness measurement can affect decisions on whether an item is safe to operate or not.
  • Estimation of corrosion growth rates for remaining life assessment. Corrosion growth rate estimates are sensitive to small measurement errors and remaining life estimates are strongly influenced by measurement accuracy. Improvements in accuracy result in more reliable estimates and more cost effective integrity management.
  • Characterisation of degradation type. Accurate wall thickness measurements permit more reliable identification of the corrosion mechanism and can assist in decisions on operation and corrosion control.
  • Sampling inspection applications (less than 100% coverage). Sampling approaches, in which statistical analysis of the data is used to make estimates of thickness for the uninspected area, provide for more cost effective inspection. The reliability of estimates for the uninspected area is strongly linked to the accuracy of the inspection information.
  • Compliance inspection applications. The aim in compliance inspections is to validate the absence of any corrosion, even at a low level. Accurate and sensitive corrosion mapping allows for reliable validations with lower coverage.

Sonomatic has invested heavily in the development of 0 degree ultrasonic measurement techniques to maximise accuracy. This has resulted in industry leading performance, as validated in the HOIS Joint Industry Project, that offers substantial benefits to the client. Sonomatic’s corrosion mapping is offered via a range of deployment methods, including:

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