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Inspection Qualification and Technical Justifications

The integrity of equipment is often directly reliant on the capability of inspections performed. For example, the role of an inspection may be to confirm the absence of any defects exceeding a target size. If the inspection has limited capability for detection of defects at the target size then the equipment owner may falsely conclude that it is safe to operate. This can lead to in service failure with potentially severe consequences. In order to assure performance of the inspection in meeting the requirements a qualification process is often put in place.

Qualification of inspection provides the equipment owner with confidence in the inspection and provides a clear set of requirements to the inspection vendor. Sonomatic supports the use of inspection qualification as a basis for ensuring equipment integrity. We work with clients to develop specific approaches for critical inspections and to ensure performance meets the requirements. Sonomatic has extensive experience in qualifying inspections based on the approach recommended by the European Network for Inspection Qualification (ENIQ). The ENIQ approach is aimed primarily at the nuclear industry but Sonomatic, working with clients, have adapted it for use to critical applications in the Oil & Gas and process industries.

The method gives a clear understanding of capability of the inspection with respect to the target flaw sizes. As such it is often central to the case to operate critical equipment, either at fabrication or as part of a life extension. Details on Sonomatic’s use of the ENIQ approach to qualification are provided in the brochure available for download below.

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